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Bank Holiday weekend  - The new cakes designs which have taken everyone by suprise !!!!

This week we have continued to make some spectacular wedding cakes with cup cakes, Our new and exclusive design has everyone talking, From the moment we start to set up the cake we have a audiance, Everyone is amazed at the new designs. The compliments just dont stop, Everyone who looks at the cake designs is amazed and impressed with the spectacular displays we create, We have had cateres, venue staff, dj's florists, decor companies, florists, watiers, bar staff, security as well as couples who are viewing venues and guests attending weddings amazed by the cake display, These displays are truly amazing, We have done wedding cakes with cup cakes in all different designs and colours, they all look amazing, 

Orders have been coming in from all over UK including London, Middlesex, Essex Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Bolton and even Scotland, We had a client on the weekend who have thier wedding in Edinburgh  who has booked a 22tier design, which has 12 layers of cake and  10 layers of cup cake, We are looking foward to making this design in November this year,

Many more designs and colours to follow soon


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