We offer consultations and viewings at all of our showrooms, We have 3 showrooms across London. Our central London showroom is the biggest, all showrooms are by appointment only.

Central London

West London

East London

Wedding cakes
85 Murray Grove

N1 7QJ

Wedding cakes
Viglen house Business Centre
Suite 129 Alperton Lane


Wedding cakes
106 Stanley Road
(Off buckingham Road)


Consultations in all showrroms is by appointment only, We have selected days each week at every showroom. the days vary from week to week,  In general we do the following 

Angel           -  Monday - Saturday   
Wembley     - Monday, Thursday & Saturday
Ilford                 - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday

The days change week to week, please call our office to check times and dated
0208 552 5063


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Due to the high volume of clients booking consultations and not coming or cancelling their appointment 2 minutes before they are due to come we have introduced a strict policy on consultations. Clients are advised to only book a consultation if they are sure they can attend. As we are extremely busy we have a very strict policy on consultations. Any clients who book a consultation and do not turn up on the day will not be given another opportunity to come for a consultation.

If clients wish to cancel a consultation we must be given at least 24 hour notice, if clients give less then 24 hour notice we will not re book you for another consultation.

Please only book a consultation if you have seen a cake on our website and wish to get further information on the cakes, taste the cake or look at our whole portfolio. We only make the cakes shown on our website, we do not copy other cake designs, Please do not bring pictures of other cake designs you have seen on the Internet or elsewhere



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